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    Global Security Group is an acclaimed firm of security professionals with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.

    As one of the finest security organizations in America, we are committed to providing the highest quality of security and protection services to individuals and businesses.

    We are considered a leading organization in the security services industry. Our 15+ years of experience shows our unparalleled commitment to excellence.



    As aviation threats increase every year and associated costs increase, the aviation industry needs effective security measures to address threats at the lowest cost. The challenges of aviation transcend random acts of terrorism against terminals or passenger flights. Accordingly, we take a holistic approach to the risk mitigation process by deploying an integrated security plan. This enables us to work directly with federal aviation authorities and  airport security.

    We help mitigate risk by providing specialized aviation security services.  Our security solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of every airline, airport, and freight agent. Global Security Group offers you complete, fully managed security service solutions that encompass all aspects of delivery. We maintain standards on a daily basis through ongoing training.


    The emergence of new technology has allowed many small businesses, hotels, industrial parkways and corporate headquarters to leverage drone surveillance technology to protect your business.

    Drone surveillance and security allows a highest cost effective way to protect, secure and monitor your small business, hotel or other establishments during after hours.

    Drones also provide a way to approach a potential treat with minimal risk to humans. In special cases where an elevated risk level to property or civilians may be present, drones can be used to gather important intel with minimal risk.

    To find out more about our drone security services, contact us at info@globalsecuritygroup.org.

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    Many local businesses as well as hotel & resorts may require a continual presence of security on site. The unarmed security guards at Global Security Group will protect and safeguard your business.

    Our agents can maintain a regular presence in hotels and resorts to help augment your security needs in a seamless fashion. Our team can be up and running in know time once all basic onsite training has been completed.

    We aim to provide dependable, quality and professional unarmed security services. Our agents can operate in any business, any day of the week, any time of day. We work closely with our clients to develop a security plan that best meets  all of their needs.

    Services We Provide
    Drone Surveillance

    A great psychological deterrence and affordable option. Drones can be utilized in multiple scenarios including law enforcement pursuits, aerial surveillance of businesses, and construction sites, and surveillance of hotel and resort properties.

    Unarmed Security Guard Services

    Our security guards can offer the protection that you need at your local business, hotel and resort, and community residences. We have a highly skilled and trained team of security guards.

    Aviation Security

    Well trained team of individuals who are responsible for identifying dangerous objects or hazardous materials in baggage, cargo, or on traveling passengers and preventing these objects and their carriers from boarding planes.

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      About Global Security Group

      Our core values of professionalism, communication, courtesy, and commitment play a vital role in our company.  Our goal is to ensure our clients get the highest value security, protection and surveillance services.

      Our expert team of highly trained, skilled and hand-selected personnel, will take the utmost care in ensuring you have peace of mind. 


      At Global Security Group, we strive for excellence in providing comprehensive security and surveillance.


      Our mission is to ensure our clients receive the highest quality security and surveillance services.


      Our core values of professionalism,  integrity, courtesy, and dedication are the pillars of our company.

      Offering The Best Private Security Services

      Our team takes pride in protecting you, your place of business and all of your other assets. Serving clients in the following states:

      Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Texas

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      Jason Dionne
      Jason Dionne
      I’d like to say that GSG is one of the most professional, diverse as well as technology powered security companies in the region. If you’re looking for a security company that can meet and exceed your expectations look no further.
      Faisal Seehar
      Faisal Seehar
      One of the best companies i have ever worked for, very fair and professional. You can move your way up in the company by just doing what you are supposed to do. I started as a guard and was promoted as a supervisor for one of their contracts in Orange beach. Great group of people, would definitely recommend this company for any valuable businesses
      Anthony Fields jr
      Anthony Fields jr
      They are a very respectful and professional security group! Definitely worth reaching out to when security is needed. I definitely suggest anyone who is looking for a security group to reach out to these guys!!!
      Samantha Conner
      Samantha Conner
      Very professional security company. Would recommend them 100%. If you have security needs they are the best.
      Edward Matfey
      Edward Matfey
      My experience was WONDERFUL! I highly recommend! Thank you for being a step above the rest!
      Amberlee Holliday
      Amberlee Holliday
      Wonderful and trustworthy owners! I highly recommend this company!!!!
      Steve Parra
      Steve Parra
      A very Excellent company I recommend it Cody Aloi is your Guy to contact believe me no one better than Him

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