An effective security management software is now becoming a must-have for any serious security guard company, and consequently, any business that employs the services of such to deliver outstanding security guard services. Conversely, poor security management software could spell doom for your business. How? Here are five ways that bad security management software can negatively impact your business:

Poor Accountability

Good security management software provides accountability for all guards and their tasks. The absence of this is likely to mean that there will be loopholes that can be exploited and therefore increase the possibility of successful threats.

GSG guard tour system will help you find out which guard is checked-in at what site, if they are performing the right tasks, completing the checklist assigned, conducting site tours diligently without missing a checkpoint on the client site. It will also allow you to track the on-site movements of all your guards effortlessly while ensuring reports are submitted on time.

Outdated Reporting Systems

A smart security management software doesn’t merely increase guard accountability – it also enables real-time reporting, significantly improving your offering to your clients. Any security management software that does not allow that is simply out of its time and is likely to end in disaster.

GSG guard tour system allows you to create & share custom reports that work best for the client site. You can also view multiple reports with multimedia files attached & submitted by your security guards from different post-sites right on the GSH GSG . Get automatically notified every time a new report is submitted so you can quickly assess the situation to offer additional instructions or notify a client.

Lack Of Real-Time Procedures

Do not count on a security management software that solely relies on reviews of past work and incident reports. Such software will highly limit your ability to respond to threats in bad times and therefore mitigate against misadventures. But, with the GSG guard tour system, you can streamline your security operations by improving the flow of communication.

GSG takes the hassle out of your security patrol operations by improving the way data is channeled throughout your company. Features like live notes & watch mode in the mobile app plays a vital role. It helps respond to emergencies efficiently by sharing real-time information with the dispatcher & manager. While GSG messenger enables guards to connect & collaborate through multimedia messaging.

No Value Addition

If all you get from a security management software is monitoring capabilities, then you are getting a raw deal. A limited software that does not enhance the performance of the security guards is as good as having nothing. Whereas the GSG guard tour system is designed to improve the performance of security guards.

With the help of a time clock, get detailed time logs. You can define tasks & create site-specific post orders for the guards and outline their frequency. It also enables you to create multiple site tours for them that are GPS tracked. GSG guard tour system also comes equipped with a powerful scheduler with which you can create open shifts, allow guards to swap shifts, and the new update will soon allow them to define their weekly availability to promote better work-life balance & performance.


Bad security management software can compromise standards and even leave you legally exposed in some situations. To remain compliant, you should share your company policies with the security guards and update them regularly if required.

And this can easily be done on the GSG guard tour system, where you can also share post order with your guards so they have the access to correct information when it’s needed the most. You can also save guard’s licenses online with their expiry date and be notified when they are about to expire.


To ensure your security guard company can deliver outstanding security guard services to all your clients, consider investing in an all-in-one security management software that can help you grow and improve your bottom line significantly than negatively impacting your business. To know more about the GSG guard tour system & how its the perfect solution,