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Our armed security guard is responsible for maintaining safety and security at a particular location or event, and they are authorized to carry firearms while on duty. They are typically present to deter and prevent criminal activity, as well as to respond to emergencies and other security-related incidents.
Some of the specific duties of an armed security guard may include but not
limited to:
• Patrolling the area they are assigned to, looking for any suspicious
activity or potential security threats
• Monitoring security cameras and other surveillance equipment
• Keeping a log of any incidents or unusual activity that occurs during
their shift
• Checking identification and credentials of people entering the location
or event
• Responding to alarms or other security-related incidents, such as fires or
medical emergencies
• Assisting with traffic control, crowd management, and directing visitors
• Maintaining a visible presence to deter potential criminals
• Responding to customer service requests
• Writing reports and filling incident reports
• Cooperating with other security personnel, law enforcement, and other
emergency responders as necessary
• Carrying firearms and use them if necessary to protect the property,
assets and most importantly the lives of people.
• Regularly training and maintaining proficiency with firearms
• Following all laws and regulations regarding the use of firearms
• Acting as a deterrent to criminal activity by virtue of their visible
presence and the knowledge that they are armed.

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At Global Security Group, we have the best skilled and trained armed agents who can help protect and secure your property and protect patrons. We have helped countless clients with all of their armed security service needs. We’re a nationally recognized leader in security and protection services. For any inquiries, call us today!


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