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Global Security Group is the industry leader in hotel and resort security. Our security guards offer surveillance and protection of hotels and resorts in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia. In almost all hotels across the United States, hotel security guards can monitor the activity in and out of hotels

Whether you are looking for hotel security company for the exterior of your hotel in parking garages, parking lots or other common areas, our guards can work in any location. Whether it be on the inside of your business or on the premises, our security guards will stand guard in your lobby, entrances and exits.

At Global Security Group, our security company can provide unarmed security guards to help protect your facility. Our guards are highly trained and are dedicated to providing the absolute best security services at your hotel and resort.

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At Global Security Group,  we don’t only provide security guard services, we also provide monitoring and surveillance of your hotel and resort. Whether you are looking for security guards or surveillance monitoring at your hotel and resort, we provide both.

In some situations hotel operators and managers may be looking for 24-hour security monitoring and surveillance. Our company can certainly help with all of your hotel surveillance needs.

When you work with Global Security Group, you will see that we provide the highest quality security services in the country. Our hotel security guards will help prevent harm or damage to your hotel and resort property. Our guards will also help to prevent harm to guests and staff. When you have a security guard present at your hotel & resort you are conveying a message that you take guest and employee security very seriously.

At Global Security Group, we have the best skilled and trained hotel and resort security agents who can help protect your property.  We have helped countless clients with all of their private hotel security needs.

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