The vast majority of resorts in the USA have updated their security protocols and procedures. Many resorts now mainly utilize unarmed private security officers. At some resorts where there is gambling and gaming, armed security guards are also present. Overall, there has certainly been a steady increase in resort security at popular vacation spots. Mainly to ensure that guests remain protected and that they feel safe while on vacation.

Benefits of Hiring Unarmed Private Security Guards

Choosing an unarmed security company for your resort can offer many benefits. Private security companies can provide the same type of protection as armed guards without the hassle and cost of maintaining weapons training. Unarmed guards can also be very helpful in deterring criminals as well as criminal activity before it occurs.

While many people think that armed security officers are more effective than unarmed guards. The fact is that hiring unarmed guards can provide adequate security at a much more cost effective rate. Depending on the individual needs at your resort, number of guards needed and hours of service. Unarmed private guards may be the more appropriate choice for your resort.

Cost of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

There are a number of costs associated with hiring armed or unarmed security guards at resorts. These security guards can cost a few thousand dollars per month. The cost is dependent on a variety of factors, including the type of facility, experience level, and hours of service needed at your resort.

Unarmed security guards are less expensive than armed security guards. Their main role is to monitor the area, conduct surveillance and report an unusual or suspicious activity. Guards are responsible for monitoring and reporting crime to ensure the safety of guests. The presence of an unarmed guard is perceived as a deterrent in many situations and can certainly help reduce the likelihood of a crime occurring. Given how cost effective it can be to have unarmed security guards vs. armed security guards, most operators and resort managers elect to have unarmed security guards actively patrolling their resort.

24-Hour Security

When you hire a private security company to provide security services at your resort, you can elect to have round the clock security at your resort. The main benefit of hiring a security company is that they can provide appropriate coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You no longer need to worry about recruiting, training and hiring security staff for all three shifts at your resort. Resorts managers know just how difficult it can be to have appropriate staff on all shifts. That is why many resort managers rather outsource security to an security company that can properly hire and train security guards in accordance to protocol.


There are certainly many benefits to hiring unarmed security guards at your resort. A key benefit is that it be a very cost effective option compared to hiring armed security. Security companies that provide unarmed security services can be a great option if you are in need of 24 hour security, 7 days a week at your resort.

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