There are many security threats that a hotel must be aware of. Hotels nowadays must be very vigilant. The top 5 security concerns at the majority of hotels are theft, unauthorized visitors, guest safety, employee safety and vandalism. Hotels must ensure that all of their employees are trained to recognize any sort of security treat. Hotel managers must ensure that their surveillance systems are working properly and that security guards are following protocol.


A major security breach can affect a hotel’s business in several ways. Not only does it result in a loss of money, but it can also damage the reputation of the hotel. As a result, it is crucial for hotel management to implement effective security measures to prevent incidents from happening. One of the most common security issues faced by hotels is theft.

The hospitality industry is heavily reliant on credit cards as a method of payment. For example, restaurants and hotels often require guests to provide credit card details in order to make a reservation or final payment. This dependence on cards makes them a target for criminals. It is important for hotel guests to secure their belongings in their hotel room. Guest should also ensure to keep a close eye on their belongings when enjoying hotel activities both indoor and outdoor.

Unauthorized Visitors

Another concern for many hotel managers is having unauthorized visitors on hotel property. A common occurrence that managers see is when a hotel patron grants access to their hotel room. Patrons will sometimes give their room access card to another person and allow that person to utilize hotel facilities. Whether it be pool access or access to dining and recreation rooms. Unauthorized visitors can be of great concern.

Other instances include hotel patrons who invite additional guests to their room. For the safety of other hotel guests, having large parties in hotel rooms is not permitted. Often times security is called to remove guests who clearly violate hotel security polices.

Guest Safety

Hotel guests who stay at a hotel expect to be safe during their stay. The majority of hotels place great emphasis in guest safety and have established set security policies at their hotels. Security policies are designed to protect guests from situations or events that could be of potential harm. Hotel managers focus tremendous attention on ensuring guests remain safe while visiting their establishment.

Hotel managers ensure that security surveillance is properly working at all times and that security guards are following proper protocol. Also, hotel managers ensure that all areas both indoor and outdoor entrances are locked during off hours. Having the proper number of security personnel is very important and most hotel managers understand that.

Employee Safety

Most hotels will have security training and education for new employees about their security policies when an employee is hired. Hotels understand that importance of security policies and ensuring that employees abide by such policies. Hotel managers have the ability to mitigate risk by making their staff is keep up-to-date on hotel security policies and protocols.

Afterall, hotels must ensure that the safety of employees is maintained at all times. Employee safety is very important and hotel management must make every effort to ensure employees are safe while at work.


There are several ways in which a hotel can reduce the risk of vandalism. The first step is to have an effective security surveillance and camera system in place. A proper surveillance system will help minimize the chances of a major incident occurring on hotel property. With the latest technology, hotels have easy access to the best security cameras on the market.

Another effective security measure is to empower hotel employees to be vigilant at all times. Employees should be instructed to easily report potential security risks to management. It’s also a good idea to establish a system where employees can report any vandalism issues anonymously. This will ensure that employees don’t face any retaliation for reporting something that they witnessed by another employee.